Intuitics turns your
R, SAS and Python code into
interactive web apps,
quickly and easily

Speed up decision making and save time by providing business users
with interactive reports and dashboards on top of predictive models

Speed of insights

Deliver data insights faster

Intuitics empowers you to turn even the most passing analytics model into an interactive web app / dashboard / report in minutes. Now, your business users can get the insights they need with a few clicks. This speeds up decision making and makes it more data-driven.

Solid technology

Use the tech you know and love

Intuitics applications are driven by the most popular data science languages: R, SAS, and Python. The process of converting your existing code is quick and easy. Beyond that, all you need is a mouse to create the graphical interface with drag and drop.

Save time

Free up time for analyzing new data

Rerunning the same models and reports over and over? By converting them to Intuitics applications for your users, you will gain time to focus on new challenges. This is especially valuable nowadays, when data scientists are scarce and your work is constantly increasing.

Free from IT involvement

Minimize IT involvement

Intuitics automatically provisions computing resources for your applications, scaling them for big data and hundreds of users. It also provides you with full control over dependencies. You no longer need to set up servers, involve IT, or worry about memory and performance.

Interactive, pretty, easy to use

Create apps your users will love

Intuitics web apps are pretty, intuitive, interactive and work on tablets. Through code and the drag and drop interface builder you can easily create rich functionality and a flexible layout. Your users will love the desktop-like experience.


Collaborate and distribute insights

Build applications collaboratively with your colleagues. Your app's users can share insights with each other, save application states for later reference, export to a variety of formats and even create recurring reports.