Intuitics vs RStudio Shiny™

Shiny is great, Intuitics is even better

Intuitics RStudio Shiny
Language support R; SAS & Python in beta R
R code format Simple R functions (fully testable outside of Intuitics) Shiny-specific framework in R
User interface creation Drag and drop interface builder (WYSIWYG) Shiny-specific framework in R
Real-time scalability to 100s of users and GBs of data Limited
Ability to save & share analyses
On-premise version
Enterprise starting price $6,000 $10,000
Custom HTML/JS components
Ability to install custom packages
Areas in which Shiny excels and Intuitics will soon catch up:
  • Total control over styling (HTML, CSS)
  • Free on-premise version
  • Ability to create extensions

Intuitics speeds up decision making and saves time

Business users get the insights they need through interactive web apps,
while data scientists focus on discovering new relationships in the data

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